Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Back Out West

Yesterday I spent 6 hours in a CH-53E (Super Stallion) helicopter making my way to Al Qaim, on the Syrian border. Today I'll be heading out into the field. It may be a little while before I get to post anything. I want to thank all you folks for checking out my site. I've been up for about 48 hours so I'm going to sign off and get a little shut-eye. Oh yes, experiencing a new sensation.....it's getting ccccold here.


Bob said...

Mike - Take care out there, bud.

sandy said...

Mike, Sandy G. from UU here..actually, formerly from UU. I don't go there anymore...stopped last June...don't think I'll be back. However, I did get the link to this site from their newsletter and I appreciate reading your thoughts, seeing your art, and knowing that you are doing ok. Stay safe and return to the 'burg soon.

J.J. said...

Stay warm and safe.