Saturday, January 07, 2006

Tip of the Spear

Of all the various Marines in forward units the guys with the most legitimate claim to the tip of the spear are the combat engineers. Whatever the circumstances may be you can rest assured that the sappers go in first. They lead the way down newly trodden roads and paths with metal detectors. When entry to a hostile building is required they run up and place the charge of C-4 on the door. They're also responsible for performing basic construction and simple carpentry tasks when a new firm base or observation post is being set up. There's no rest for the weary when it comes to these multi-tasked Marines.


annie said...

I have absorbed a lot of little things here and there, but I have a lot to learn about the Marines. I really did not understand what a Combat Engineer would do, but now its much more clear to me. What Blessings we have....Combat Engineers, the Chow Hall Guy....everyone. No matter the mos, or duty-they each have a special place in this country's heart.

Babsbitchin said...

I saw,"anything w/ bagpipes," in your profile and I had to comment that I too love bagpipes. My sons know that when I die it is a must for,"Amazing Grace," to be played with bagpipes.I really want you to know how very impressive your work is. I don't claim to be an art critic but I know good when I see it.My heart and soul will always be with the Marines!

Papa Ray said...

Outstanding, both your work and the en'gineers.

Continue the Mission.

West Texas

Anonymous said...

As an a fine artist and graphic designer myself, as well as a 100% disabled vet of the Vietnam era, and former Navy corpsman with the United States Marines (FMF), there is a "terrible beauty and honesty" about all the images posted here -- there is a truth that cannot be portrayed with words. God bless all of you and God be with you and keep you safe to return home for a long and fruitful life of growth, happiness, and prosperity. -- Bruce Freeman,; Member DAV, Member Veterans and Military Families for Progress

Anonymous said...

Combat Art sketches and drawings capture the reality better than photographs (although we've had some great photos over the years). They always seem to show this essential spitit and feeling of the subject matter and leave out the unnecessary. Fire and Ice is outstanding. Expect to see it at a show at the Gun Factory Museum, where the best work is preserved and occassionally (because there is so much) featured. I thank a greater being for your eye that can see the subject and your hand that brings it to life on paper.

FlooseMan Dave said...

Words are inadequate to portray what I feel when I read your posts and view your drawings. Brings to mind what Ernie Pyle would have given us had he been out there. Having a son stationed in Ramadi makes my state even more intense. Flesh and blood is there amongst the noise and the smells. Your impressions have become mine. The antiseptic news reports, even those from Fox News, cannot hold a candle to those who live it and write about it. How priviledged we are to have a generation of young people who have chosen to be there so that we who cannot can live in peace and sleep in a warm bed. To you and many like you, it is just a job. Phillip has said that more than once. Not to us. For someone just doing a job where at any moment you might meet a bullet or an IED with your name on it, we shoulder a debt that cannot be repaid.

Semper Fi, you magnificent bastard!

Dave Matthews
Atlanta, GA

Anonymous said...

Bloody good work mate.

Ex Brit Army