Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And Now, A Few Short Commercial Announcements

We've brought aboard a new Marine Corps Combat Artist. His name is Sergeant Kris Battles, and he has two websites; one features his civilian art pursuits, and the other is Sketchpad Warrior, a blog to feature his art and experiences once he's deployed to the field. Please bookmark them.

Pat Dollard, gonzo documentary film making madman and honorary jarhead, will be featured Friday morning around 7AM on the Mancow radio show to talk about his experiences filming the world's finest in Iraq. His project is called Young Americans. Parental Guidance Required. Give the king of all combat media a listen. He should give Mancow a run for his money. Pat's also penning an article that will appear in a forthcoming issue of Maxim magazine.

I'm going to coin a word to describe Pat, rantastic. This guy's Ernie Pyle on acid and Michael Yon approved. He's the anti-Michael Moore. He's every journalist who's hid out in the Green Zone dependent on Iraqi stringers nightmare. Get some Pat!


katje said...

I just got to see the 4 Young Americans trailers on YouTube today, and I have to say that it was one of the most AMAZING and well-done things I've seen in a LONG time. Extremely good, and I've been sending it around to everyone I know. A very honest view, especially insofar as it doesn't condescend like almost all other war documentaries do, but has the Marines speak for themselves. Raw, and very powerful. Pat Dollard is a director to reckon with.

Flag Gazer said...

If you haven't been to Pat's site and seen the trailers - go - run! It is the most honest film I have seen in some time. I'm thankful he has made this!

Kristopher Battles said...

I saw the interview video the other day of Pat Dollard on Hannity and Colmes. I also looked at videos he has on his site, and wow. He is showing it, real and unvarnished. And he's not ashamed of feeling the way he feels.

I hope more in Hollywood will come out of the cultural closet and express themselves, in spite of the Lefto-McCarthyism currently reigning there.

Thanks for the plug about my blog, I appreciate it. I feel like I've been commissioned!

Semper Fi

PS-- Have fun at Warrant Officer Basic! OohRah that running and reading and running and reading...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by southwestpaw.


Laurie said...

Kristopher, I visited you blog, but I could not comment there because I don't have a blogger profile, and your blog is not set to accept comments from "other" or "anonymous" users.

countrygirl said...

Does the addition of artists to the Marine Combat Art program mean that the letters we wrote to our congress-people did some good? That'd be heartening.
So glad you're still around. :)
Looking forward to even more perspective from the new guy.
(He looks promising!)

Bro. Bartleby said...

Hope your training is going well and you are being 'perfected' ... I just wanted to share this, you may have seen this 'kid' on TV, here you can see some of her painting when she was 8 and 9. Gee, when I was 8 years old I was drawing hot rods with flames coming from the tailpipes.


Bro. Bartleby