Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Two For Tuesday

Woman Marine Listening to a Convoy Brief-Al Asad (graphite on paper)
Guardian Angel-Detail of a work in progress (oil on linen)

Here are two pieces I worked on today. The Marine Corps is a pretty diverse organization. I'll let them speak for themselves. Enjoy.


Cpl M said...

I'm real interested to see the end result of Guardian Angel. Looks smashing so far.

Anonymous said...

Well spoken. Thanks, V/R Jim West

Bag Blog said...

It is always interesting to see women in the military and that you are capturing that element in history. I, too, look forward to the completion of "Guardian Angel" and maybe hearing the story behind the painting.

chtrbx said...

Awesome work!

flaggazer said...

They speak volumes.

Thank you for your work in capturing these remarkable people!

Anonymous said...

Great work, again. I would suggest a "before" the announcement, and "after" the announcement of when one of these troopers gets the word they're going home.
By the way have you seen the latest poll results of what percent of All Iraqi want the US troops home by Christmas?

Thank goodness Christmas comes after Nov. 7th!
Edo River rising.

Rob W said...

Wow. So much with so little. That's power.

CJ said...

Your art is beautiful, Sir. Just beautiful. Thank you--for the art, and for your service.

Lil Toni said...

Guardian Angel looks great so far in oil.
Somebody I know copied it a loooong time ago as a mere sketch.