Tuesday, November 14, 2006

War Rant Officer

Hey everyone, sorry I've been off-line for a bit. Myself and two historians spent the better part of last week touring the various activities aboard the US Naval Base at Guantanamo, Cuba. We visited the Marines manning the fence line, the Joint Task Force detainee facility and walked the Cuzco Wells Battlefield of Spanish American War fame. The Marines of the security force company graciously invited us to and paid for our attendance at their Marine Corps Ball on 10 November.

All this activity took some of the edge off the election results. Though expected, the turn-over of Congressional and Senatorial power to the Dems is disappointing during this time of war. They'll no doubt outlaw war, and we'll all be able to go home and I'll be able to stop my war rants.

As might be expected, there isn't much I can share with you substantively about our visit to Cuba. I can tell you that the conditions under which the terrorist detainees live are far better than you can possibly imagine. And, if you compare their detention with the treatment of our few unfortunate POWs (torture and beheadings), the difference statistically would have to be expressed in astronomical percentages.

Unfortunately my digital camera has had to be turned in for repairs, so until I can borrow another these postings will be short on pics. However, if you go over to the Leatherneck Magazine website, you can see a two page spread of my work appearing in this month's issue. Click on the "Contents" section top left of the page, and then click on "38 Faces in a Combat Zone". Note: click on the "Faces in a Combat Zone" and the images will enlarge.


Samantha West said...

Ran by Leatherneck and your work, as always, is perfection!


Ray Young said...

Don't worry, the Dem's won't outlaw free speech, unless that free speech doesn't agree with their dogma.

Kristopher Battles said...

You rock, sir!

One day, big brother, I hope to get a drawing or two in Leatherneck!!

OORAH and Semper Fi

the artist's wife said...

Congrats on the spread in Leatherneck! Awesome portraits.

Bag Blog said...

The Leathernecks portraits are great. They will be perfect to show my young art students some great technique.

Anonymous said...

I love the spread in Leatherneck. You
are like a fine wine . . . you just get better with age.

countrygirl said...

Okay, feeling shallow here. (Since ya can't share much about Gitmo, that's out-of-mind: bless those who hold the line, now on to other things...)
We saw the faces of mature youth facing the hard stuff in your Leatherneck spread (moving art, Sir!), now I want to see handsome faces in all their dress blues glory celebrating at the Ball!
There's no celebrity I'd pay for a People magazine to see, but I'm eagerly looking for pictures of our finest celebrating 10 Nov.
If you have one of yourself, so much the better.

Anonymous said...

Country Girl,

I have been to the Marine Corps Ball. There is nothing like a few good men in dress blues! Yummy eye candy!

Flag Gazer said...

What a trip - again, to part of the world we mere mortals will never see!!!

Appreciate hearing from you about the detainee treatment - it is comforting to know that what I believed is true.

What you mentioned about our POW's - Tom Tucker and Kristen Menchaca is also TRUE. And, God only knows what happened to Matt Maupin.

Kind of missed having election rants from you !!! LOL

Welcome Back - and Happy Birthday!

mdfay said...

Ladies, My unit is having their Marine Corps Birthday Bash this coming weekend.....and I actually have a date! I will do my utmost to insure that a pic of myself in full dress uniform appears here at Fire and Ice. I sometimes jokingly say that a Marine in full dress blues makes women past menopause ovulate.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see the picture of you
(and your date) at the USMC Ball. What do you mean "actually have a date"? Please!

Anonymous said...

Mike -
I haven't laughed that hard in a long time!! But, it's true!!!

countrygirl said...

...if that's a good thing, then why don't y'all want to wear them any more often?
Pass the smelling salts please, we're just a few hours away from pictures!

Anonymous said...

Men in dress blues . . . makes my heart skip a beat. Can you imagine a room filled with such amazing testosterone? I am ovulating already!

rsm said...

Sweet... maybe later I can get you to sign my copy...