Friday, September 07, 2007

Persons of the Week

On Friday evening myself and three other Marine Corps combat artists were featured as the ABC News' Persons of the Week.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations...Someone just told us they saw you, and that Nick's picture was shown during the piece....I was able to find the video online.Thank you so much for what you do- your talent, and for keeping Nick's memory alive through your artwork. Thank you- with admiration and gratitude, Pam Ciccone

Flag Gazer said...

Wonderful piece!

catnapping said...

excellent! i just found your new blog address via a link from another blog! your old address has spam on it now.

i'm so glad to see this. i'm going to look for the video "anonymous" has found of the report. (i seldom watch TV anymore.)

i'm glad to know you're still around.