Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Corporal Diana L. Kavanek, USMC
This evening ABC World News with Charles Gibson featured a wonderful story of courage, resilience, commitment and what eventually flows directly from It is the inspiring story of Marine Corporals Aaron Mankin and Diana Kavanek. Although I didn't have the privilege of knowing Cpl. Mankin, I have met Diana. Then Corporal Kavanek (she and Aaron are now married)and I returned in the same group of Marines from the 2nd Marine Expeditionary Force (Forward) in February of 2005. In an age when the media seems so fixated on young adults mired in adolescenent excess it is heartening to know that ABC News is taking the time to tell this simple tale of genuine heros. Semper Fi!
You can read here more about what Diana did is Iraq. I am re-posting a sketch I did of her.


Flag Gazer said...

Thank you, Mike!

Stephen R. Maloney said...

I love the sketch and many "borrow" it once if it's okay with you.

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I just attended the funeral of a cousin who passed away suddenly. His daughter, serving in Iraq with Army Intelligence, had just flown in for a two week bereavement LOA. It made us very proud, albeit at a sad time, to give this young lady a hug.

Thank you for reminding your readership of the women who proudly wear the uniform and serve our nation alongside the men.

LCDR Tammy Swofford, USNR, NC

Manthaanne said...

I am blessed to know Diana and Aaron. They are 2 of the most precious people I have ever known. I would love to print this for my scrapbook of them if it is ok with you.

Anonymous said...