Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Day With Joe Kubert

Myself with DC comic book artist and creator of Sergeant Rock, Joe Kubert

I had the great honor yesterday of meeting one of the greatest influences on my art. As a kid I loved DC comic's Sergeant Rock. Hours of time and reams of paper were used up trying to copy Rock and the men of Easy Company. The creator of Sgt. Rock is Joe Kubert and yesterday Sergeant Battles and I got to visit with him at his art school in Dover, New Jersey.

The gritty quality of the Sergeant Rock tales combined with Kubert's virtuoso draftsmanship and expressive inking left a deep mark on my artistic sensibilities. No one in the comic book universe can even approach the intensity of Kubert's faces.


tammyswofford said...

Never acquainted with Sergeant Rock in my own childhood. But I always loved the smell of the sea. Amazing how small things mold our lives. smile

Always Navy!

Tammy Swofford

Mike Wood said...

I remember Sgt Rock and Joe Kubert. I spent a lot of dollars as a kid buying Sgt Rock and the comics about the Jeb Stuart tank (drawn by Russ Heath). That paper route kept me in comics.

David Apatoff said...

Kubert is truly one of the greats. You are fortunate to have spent time with him.

Bag Blog said...

I spent my art pads drawing Archie, Betty, and Veronica. Then I moved up to the romance comic books which were a little more realisitc.

Last year I attended a demo by the cartoonist of Sky Ape, It was interesting stuff.

Prophetjoe said...

Man, I remember Sgt Rock, Hawkman and Enemy Ace. I just didn't realize they were all the works of the same man! A truly talented artist -- I think you would make an admirable protege ;-)