Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Norman Rockwell Museum Talk

Last Thursday evening I gave a talk at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, Mass. It was such an honor for me to be invited to both speak and to contribute to their permanent collection. I took one of my sculptures, The 240 Gulf Machine Gunner, and the photo shows it standing before one of Norman Rockwell's great paintings.


Kempton said...

Hi Mike,

I came to your site via a link in the Norman Rockwell Museum blog. Thanks for sharing your work.

Didie Uriarte said...

What a great honor! It's a fantastic piece.

Anonymous said...

Gunner Fay:

Your great works remain a continuing source of wonder and inspiration...in my frequent visits to your's and Sgt Battles' sites, I get a better appreciation and more education in military affairs, art and history, than anywhere else...your works remind me of long ago, when as a teenager,
I "discovered" a dusty copy of Capt Thomason's collection of sketches and monographs ("Fix Bayonets!")in my high school's library in Abington, PA (yes, back when reading, writing and articulate speech were required, fundamental skill-sets...'member?).
Now, as a career-retired Veteran and former FMF Hospital Corpsman, I seem to have belatedly re-
"discovered" another collection of inspirational works; some that will, as the recent newspaper article said, "immortalize..." a new (and now but for some, 'old-beyond-their-years')generation of Marines.
I especially admire your integrity, drive and grit in returning "to the fold"...they have no better artists than you and Sgt Battles, in which to make them "live forever", at least in our collective hearts and minds...
If I may "share" an observation w/ a fellow-Yankee from Penn's Woods; and as an aside, I'm heartened to see that you were more immediatly successful in your efforts to directly-support our Forces than I was... Since 9/11, and despite my every effort to return to the sound of the guns, the Navy wouldn't take this ol' broken-down Corpsman back in...so after some 5 years of college, becoming qualified, and then "riding the mean streets", I was finally appointed to the federal service (this time w/ DAF), as a Paramedic...I'm too, am in it for the duration, and to do my part for the war-effort: I perform emergency care and serve as medical support for AFSOC's selection courses @ Lackland AFB, TX - very much like serving with our Marines, again.