Saturday, September 24, 2005

In country, in pain

We arrived here at Al Asad early Thursday morning after approximately 13 hours of flight time and a 4 hour layover in Rota, Spain. I've been waiting on further transport to Fallujah. Last night I went for a run in the dark and twisted my right ankle, not superbad, but painfull enough. I'll be fine in a couple days.
Al Asad is a sprawling former Iraqi airbase that partially sits in a depression of sorts. To one side is a crumbling ridge of stratified rock leading down to a marsh of various high grasses and reeds, while off to the other is a gradual rise which levels out into an expanse of desert. The marsh is full of the sound of birds by day and frogs by night. I was shown an oasis within the base perimeter where the Biblical Abraham, according to local legend, watered his flocks. The base is littered with the flotsam and jetsam of the now defunk Iraqi Air Force. As always, this region is punctuated with these extreme contrasts...Biblical oasis with modern junk.

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Anonymous said...

Dave sent out the link to your blog so hopefully the "gang" will keep in touch with you. We will miss you at our annual HMX-1 Avionics get together. We are already thinking about next year's and we look forward to you making that one. Take care and keep your head low.
Semper Fi