Friday, October 06, 2006

A 96....Thanks Mr. Columbus

Work-in-progress: Guardian Angel EOD Marine carrying unexploded Iraqi mortar rounds

Operation Steel Curtain-Lull in the fighting, enough time for a fresh "dip" of chewing tobacco

In a few minutes I'm going to put out a couple days worth of cat food and leave the bathroom tap on just a smidge for my little buddy, Roddy. I'll also load the car with a Nike overnight bag, a few things on hangers and little 3 day packback with art supplies. The cat, HATES to travel, and all this stuff going out to the car will send him scurrying to one of his favorite hiding places. Little does he know he's staying home this time.

The Federal Government does this wonderful thing a couple times a year......4 day holiday the military we affectionately call them 96s. The one that started today at 1200 is for Columbus Day.....thank you ! Thank you Chris for sort of discovering America. My Dad gave me a book way back in the early 60s called They All Discovered America. Seems every one and his brother discovered this side of the planet long before our good Italian explorer and I found myself believing in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy long after any illusions about Columbus were dispelled. Perhaps what Columbus is celebrated (or loathed) for is not so much for his gift for exploring, but for his gift for promoting.

My plan is to spend some time with my daughter in and around her college in Pennsylvania (at her invitation no less) and enjoy the Fall scenery in rural Central Pa.; hence the art supplies.

I leave you with a new portrait drawing and the current state of a work-in-progress called Guardian Angel.


Bag Blog said...

I enjoyed the work-in-progress. I hope you enjoy your weekend with your daughter and paint supplies.

I am headed to our local art show where I am in charge of the youth gallery. Big time in OK!

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Enjoy, Sir! Time with the kids is just the best.

Carol said...

Grand work as usual, Mike. Yep - PA. is definitely the place to be right now. It's BEE-U-TI-FUL!!!!

Cheers and enjoy your trip,

yankeemom said...

The work in progress is so wonderful. I envy you your time in PA - I lived in Bucks County for a bit and loved it.

EdoRiver said...

“Right now it’s such a small minority of families who have a stake in all of this. I hear people say things like, ‘We lost a lot of good people over there.’ I sort of snap around and say, ‘We? You didn’t lose anybody.’ You know what I mean?” a quote from a First Sargent.

If more people shared in these adventures, a) there would be fewer of them, b) the celebrity status would be diluted for some, c) the country would become bankrupt paying for all the disablity claims.

Anonymous said...

Hey Edoriver,

To whom are you refering when you say "celebrity status"?

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Hey, yankeemom - I lived in Upper Bucks County for a couple of years, too. Enjoyed it.