Thursday, October 19, 2006

Never Again

It's official, I will never again watch CNN. Last night CNN aired enemy footage showing the death of an American soldier by sniper fire. CNN has posted a lenghty justification. We are at WAR, there is no justification. The only word sufficient to describe CNN is in pawn of the enemy. They no doubt believe they are players on the world stage when in truth they have simply been played. In the Marine Corps we have a word reserved for organizations and individuals we hold in lowest regard and with the highest disdain.....maggots.


countrygirl said...

Lead on brother, there are others with you. And proud to be there.
Blessings on you.

Carol said...


I saw this too. It was degrading and disturbing. I think the media is nothing more than a well-paid whore these days.

Peace to you and God Bless always.


AnonymousOpinion said...

W.O. Fay,

What can you expect from a networked owned by Hanoi Jane's ex?

Should I call my cable provider and request it be dropped from my lineup?

Do I write some TV executive?

Should I write my local paper?

The place must be run by rats that have no concept of honor, loyalty, or decency.

the artist's wife said...

My first reaction to CNN showing a soldier being killed is what about that soldier's family?? It's not fair that their loved one's death was shown to the "world." What if he has young children?

Aaarrgghhh. . . . now that my hubby is over there it makes me steam even more!

Lil Toni said...

Well said dawlin!
I've "blocked" CNN on my tv's. Commie bastids.

Anonymous said...

From one who still has traces of "maggot" blood in him.
The only condolence I can offer for your outrage is the approaching Nov. election.

Edo River rising.

Bag Blog said...

"Maggots" is an excellent term for CNN and their ilk. It is not difficult for me to stop watching CNN - I have been disgusted by them for a long time.

flaggazer said...

I recently had a layover in Atlanta for three hours - they have TVs tuned to CNN in every waiting area in that huge airport. I had forgotten how dispicable they were, as I quit watching them years ago. This latest stunt is beyond dispicable.

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

Write to their sponsors, boycott their products. Money makes CNN go 'round. They're playing the hand AQ is dealing them and seem to be proud of it. Rat Bastards!!

Fathairybastard said...

Thing is, the media is supposed to be dispassionate and not take sides, so that we can see something close to what is really goin on over there. They show footage of laser guided bombs tracking down to buildings full of enemy troops, so why not show a few Americans being killed? We think that since they are Americans, they should show deference to American causalities, the way the media did in WW2. Thing is, the media back then was different from the media of today. They were cheer leaders telling the story of victory and the hardships of winning in a war that 99% of us agreed about. These people are expected to be neutral to the stories they are telling. Of course, a lot of people have a real problem with the fact that they're not supposed to take sides, interpreting it as treason. I'm less upset about that than I am the fact that no story in Iraq where bodies aren't flying through the air can get told these days. If it bleeds, it leads, and that manipulates the depiction of the conflict. You end up with a grinding cacophony of images that convinces to audience that the war is unwinable. The persistent second guessing and negative images become a self fulfilling prophecy as more people buy into the story. A victory of perception vs. reality, like Tet in 1968.

Miss Ladybug said...

I've not watched CNN for a long time now. The only times I did was when I used to travel for business. I can't count the number of layovers I had in ATL, or the number of hotels I stayed in that only had CNN. By choice, when I watch news on TV, it's Fox News Channel.

Laurie said...

I am saddened not only by the loss of our service members, but by the attitude of many in our country these days. Everyone wants the freedom to show whatever dispicable thing they want, if it suits their purpose. But if it does not suit their purpose, then they cry about their ethic or moral responsibilities to whatever. Why was it not okay to show the Muslim cartoons? They decide what they will or will not broadcast based on their own interests, not on some ethical grounds.

Donna, Los Osos, CA said...

I don't know...maggot actually seems too flattering. I appreciate your restraint Marine.

May God watch over our troops and their families. America only exists because of our military. CNN could shut down..America would still roll on...Every troop puts down his/her gun and walks off the job..we would not be America for very long.

Lord, thank you for America. Please bless and protect our troops. Amen!

Anonymous said...

It could be argued that the President is finally protecting the troops he took an oath to protect by
ABANDONING " Stay the Course"
in order to

It doesn't matter what you call it.

Edo River rising.

Kristopher Battles said...

Hey, Gunner Fay!

To those who may argue that CNN and all journalistic entities must be neutral-- Let the UN get its own station, then, or let CNN move out of the country, because though freedom of the press is a foundation of our republic, it HAS NEVER given a license to be the Fifth Column, or to engage in seditious activity. CNN cannot engage in this kind of activity and claim the First Amendment-- it never covered this kind of reporting.

Also, who said the two sides were even close to being equal, as far as humane or sensitive treatment is concerned? These insurgents and terrorists are illegal combatants, and by international law they are thugs and criminals. They shouldn't even be given a spot at the news coverage table.

Anonymous said...

I think it shows how far liberals and conservatives are apart in this country that you can see an image like this and swear never to watch CNN and I don't even understand *why* this image is so offensive to you.

In all seriousness, help me to understand.

Here's a couple of reasons why I suspect you might be angered, but I don't know which one is what you're feeling:

1. The great disrespect shown to the loved ones of this fallen soldier, who will be crushed when they see this image (and a fallen iraqi or any other person killed by violence would be similarly unacceptable)

2. The encouragement/satisfaction the enemy would feel, on seeing this image because it shows an american being killed. (maybe causing more attacks)

3. The encouragement/satisfaction the enemy would feel, because it indicates that they can manipulate the American media

4. The help this image might give to the enemy, by displaying some key tatical information that the enemy might find useful

5. The discoruagement/distress Amercians would feel when seeing this image, because manipulating people with such graphically emotional content is unacceptable (and would be at any time, regardless of if we were at war or not)

6. The discouragement/disress Amercians would feel when seeing this image, reducing essential support for the war in Iraq and indirectly harming all our troops

Does any of these come to the heart of the matter? Or am I completly off base?