Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Final Process and Finished Product.....In Bronze

Here is the final process and finished version of my first foray into sculpture. The local foundry that cast the piece is renowned for their skill in the lost wax technique. "The Skipper" now resides in the Commandant of the Marine Corps, General James Conway's office at the Pentagon.

The mold from which the wax casting is created.
The wax figure is touched up. The throat protector had to be molded seperately.

The wax figure coated and ready for the bronze pouring.

Initial bronze version fresh out of the mold prior to the patination process.

Sandblasted and ready for the patina to be applied.

Highly skilled foundry craftsman, RJ, preparing the surface.

Figure ready for the application of the final patina.

Whole figure heated........
Sprayed with acid......
.....and buffed out by hand using scotch bright and steel wool. This process is repeated multiple times.
Patina complete......almost.

Last step........heated paste wax.


Bag Blog said...

I've never seen any of that done - very interesting. The Skipper is great!

Buck Pennington said...

Great stuff, Mr. Fay. And excellent photos, to boot!

Flag Gazer said...

The Skipper turned out wonderfully! Those foundry guys are amazing, too!

Kaye Kingsbury said...

Mike, Fire and Ice so eloquently captures the many faces of the Marine warrior and was well worth the drive up to D'town. We regret time slipped away before we could visit your studio. Thanks so much for the package and conversation. Both Fbg and USMC is blessed to count you as one of its own. Semper Fi! Dave and Kaye Kingsbury

Jo Castillo said...

This is wonderful. Nice work on your part and great foundry.


jhyjyu said...