Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Media Highlights and Project Updates

The exhibition of Fire and Ice: Marine Corps Art from Afghanistan and Iraq has garnered some very nice reviews and media exposure. The James A. Michener Art Museum has two television and one radio piece posted to the exhibit's webpage on their site. So, if you'd like to see me in front of the camera and microphone go to http://www.michenermuseum.org/exhibits/fire-and-ice.php

Sculpture by Charles Sargeant Jagger

At the moment I'm working on two new sculptures. I've been particularly inspired by a WWI British sculptor named Charles Sargeant Jagger. In 1935 he published a "how to" book, which I was able to purchase through Amazon.com. His technique involves doing a full unclothed figure followed by dressing it in both uniform and gear.

Last month I attended an ecorche workshop at Studio Incamminati, a Philadelphia fine arts atelier, conducted by painter Robert Liberace. The term ecorche had never crossed either my mind or lips prior to signing up for this incredible class. Ecorche is French for flayed. Robert showed us how to create a figure from the bones up. His working knowledge of the skeleton and muscular system was as expansive as mine was lacking. So....I'm trying to make up for lost time. Here are the two pieces I have in progress.
Figure done in sculpey over wire armature. The sculpey can be heated with a hot air gun and hardened as you build up layers.

240 Gulf Machine Gunner-work in progress, plasticine over a sculpey/wire armature. I built the boots piece by piece, starting with the sole, adding the heel cup, and then the tongue and side panels. Right at the end I'll add the boot laces. The leg at the left will have a drop holster added, hence the flattened pocket. The right leg cargo pocket is hanging low.....bursting with everything from extra food to ammunition and AA batteries.

. Battle Pause in Husayba

Another medium I'm experimenting with is called yupo. Yupo is a synthetic paper that's very adaptable to watercolor. It allows for dramatic "puddleing" effects and its brillant white surface is the ideal compliment for watercolors.

Overwatch, New Ubaydi, Operation Steel Curtain-watercolor on yupo


Bag Blog said...

The sculpting amazes me and awes me. I look forward to the finished projects. The Yupo paper, well, as a typcial watercolorist, I gotta have it! Thanks for the tip!

And congrats on your show!

Bag Blog said...

Okay, I bought some Yupo paper - it is wild! Since I am kind of a controled painter, it makes things interesting. I will post my trials tomorrow.

faymd1 said...

For those of you experimenting with yupo paper I recommend a hair dryer and mixing your water with rubbing alcohol....this speeds up the drying time. Also, you can remove pigment easily with a Q-tip and rewet as needed with a spray bottle.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks, I needed that.

tammyswofford said...

CWO Fay,
The poem by Robert Frost, "Fire and Ice" is my favorite from his body of work.

As for your own artistry I wish you much continued success as you put your efforts to such good use.

Best Regards,
LCDR Tammy Swofford, USNR

Shane said...

how can I get in touch with Chief Warrant Officer Michael Fay. I have some important questions for him about the process it took to get involved with the Combat artist program
Cpl. Shane Anderson

Flag Gazer said...

Fascinating work -
interesting technique in the sculpture and the intensity of color on the Yupo paper is amazing.

Flag Gazer said...

good interview!!