Sunday, October 05, 2008

It Begins...........

Alfred Waud sketching at the Battle of Gettysburg-1863

The number of working war artists is small. Thanks in large part to the connectivity of the Internet we've been able to meet each other. As a result of this widening circle of associations we've decided to create an organization, The International Society of War Artists. Our plank holders include those sponsored officially by the military, individuals working for newspapers, independents, and former war artists. What we each have in common is an intense devotion to casting the artistic eye upon people and places during times of war. All of us have spent significant amounts of time in harm's way sharing the common lot of soldiers, sailors, Marines, and civilians. We trace our origins to Fransico de Goya, Winslow Homer and David Douglas Duncan.


The Tile Lady said...

You war artists have a proud heritage, and I know you live up to those who have come before....Your work is impressive, and I am so glad I found your blog. Isn't the internet wonderful, bringing those of you together who are doing the same job! God bless you, and keep you safe!

Jo Castillo said...

You do well at your job. Thanks for all of this info to keep us informed. I see a few familiar names. Take care. I so love to see your wonderful work.