Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joshua Mooi....An American Hero

Joshua Mooi
Old Ubaydi Battlefield, November 16, 2005 Operation Steel Curtain. The damaged building to the right (just left of the small plume of smoke) is the sight of the "death house".

On November 16, 2005 then Lance Corporal Joshua Mooi, without thought of his own personal safety, dragged under fire many of the wounded members of his platoon out from a "death house" in Old Ubaydi, Iraq. During his rescue missions Mooi's rifle was rendered useless after taking three AK-47 rounds. In this firefight between 2nd Platoon, Fox Company of the 2nd Battalion of the 1st Marine Regiment and insurgents 5 Marines gave their lives and 11 were severely wounded. The platoon commander, 2nd Lt. McGlothlin was KIA, the platoon sergeant, SSgt. Homer was severely injured by grenade fragments and virtually all their Navy Corpsman were wounded.

Today Joshua was gracious enough to phone and let me know that he has been officially notified that his heroic actions are being recognized with the Navy Cross, which is second only to the Congressional Medal of Honor.
Semper Fi Joshua......job well done!


Jo Castillo said...

Boy, does he deserve that medal! Joshua Mooi is a wonderful person and hero. My heart goes out to him. I am in awe. Thank you for posting about him. Thank you both.

Bag Blog said...

Thanks for posting news on Josua Mooi - an amazing young man!

Anonymous said...

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