Thursday, May 06, 2010

Getting Even Closer

4 Months into Retirement

I''ve cleared the final hurtle for going to Afghanistan as a free-lance correspondent. . .picked up my 6 month visa from the Afghan Consulate in DC last Thursday. My plan is to fly to Kuwait on or about May 23rd and then catch a military hop from Ali Al Salem Air Base into Kandahar. In Kandahar I'll check in with the NATO/ISAF Region South Public Affairs Embed Team and then, hopefully, out to Marine units in the field. I'll be in Afghanistan for the entire month of June.
Word has it that June should be a very active month in and around Kandahar City as coalition forces begin the process of "pacification".


Bag Blog said...

Ooh, Afghanistan in June! I can't wait for the "What I Did This Summer." Seriously, it sounds very exciting - good luck with your new position.

Kristopher Battles said...

That PHOTO!!

Fill in your own caption:

1) "hey, mang, dyou wanna buy some weed?"

2) "Wanted in five states for various porn and weapons charges..."

3) "Hey, kid, want some candy?"

Kristopher Battles said...