Thursday, May 13, 2010

Something Old, Somethings New

I'm pretty close to having all my gear for the upcoming trip to Afghanistan bought and put together. Today UPS delivered the last of my required protective gear, a tan ballistic Kevlar helmet. On my feet for this trip will be a pair of well broken in desert boots and around the neck a shmeagh from my last jaunt. The ergonomic single strap bag for my art supplies and cameras is also a veteran of several campaigns.

A friend of mine, a retired Defense Intelligence Agency civilian, was kind enough to offer me his personal set of Dragon Skin body armor! I can't tell you how thrilling, and reassuring this is. Dragon Skin is the ultimate in protection from multiple threats.
Over the past month I've been going to the gym around the corner and spending a couple hours on a stair climber with my body armor on. You can imagine the questions, and looks I get.


Rob said...

I finally got around to reading "War Reporting for Cowards" by a (London) Times embed with 2/11 for OIF I -- have you checked it out? He said the Marines kept pushing the 'PRESS', but nothing happened.
Good on ya. I still enjoy your work on the walls of CPs around the Corps.
Which Maxpedition pack is that? I have a Jumbo.

Ian said...

At least you got the tan body armour. When I was in Kandahar with the CF, the press was issued woodland CADPAT - so you could more easily find cover in the lush forests of RC South or some damn thing. I was a walking sniper check and I have the photos to prove it. No one wanted to get near me.

Kristopher Battles said...

I just wanna press that tag that says, "PRESS" !

Dragon Skin... coooooool.

Get some, and keep your head down and eyes & sketchbook up! I'll be praying for you and awaiting your dispatches.

Go, Homer, Go!

gabi campanario said...

best of luck Michael! found your work after someone shared link to your NYT piece at i'll be following your blog!