Thursday, December 22, 2005

Election a Big Hit in Hit

Sorry I've been away so long. The last two weeks were spent with the very same unit I covered during the Ubaydi fight, Fox Company, 2nd Battalion of the 1st Marine Regiment (F/2/1). These Marines aggressively patrolled a large sector of Hit, Iraq located on the north side of the Euphrates River. The purpose of their presence was to give the residents of Hit the sense of security necessary to participate in the December 15th elections. The Marines walked these dusty streets, arid hill sides and fragrant orange and palm groves day and night to deny the insurgents access to either intimidate the populace, or plant IEDs. They also handed out information material informing the Iraqis about the election and encouraging them to participate. In January of this year 26 voters showed up at the polling sites and during the October constitutional referendum about 600 voted. On December 15th over 14,000 residents of Hit voted. I spent that historic day with Sergeant Keeley's 1st squad of the the 2nd platoon of Fox Company. These Marines provided security along the main avenue of approach from north to south across the Euphrates, "Route Mavericks". This was a street that over it's 600 yard distance had 10 IEDs implanted when the Marines first arrived. On this day over 4,000 Iraqis safely trekked from the north bank of the river, across the key bridge and onto the polling sites in Hit proper. I will post photos and art of this day later this week.

On another note. The young Marine lieutenant whose words from his final letter home that I posted is the same young man that President Bush in a speech last week spoke about, Lieutenant McGlothlin.


Anonymous said...

I spoke to my son this AM-he met you in Hit. He was surprised that I already knew all about your work and check your blog regularly. It is great having you over there with them-thanks for giving us a glimpse into their lives!
Pat in Ketchikan,Alaska

Becky said...

I to spoke to my son this morning. He holds you in very high regard Sir! Your work is absolutely beautiful and as Mom Pat said....It is wonderful to read about our sons through your posts.
My son told me an interesting story this morning about you and him. God Bless you Sir! and may you stay safe. Please say hello to our fine Marines of 2/1 Fox Co from this extremely proud Marine Mom.
Merry Christmas to you and all our Marines so very far from home.
Job well done Marines!

Club Standridge North said...
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Anonymous said...

Well, just like all the other mom's, I too spoke with my Marine son this morning. He directed me to your blog and your words described the scenes that he had spoken of. It is nice to have the written word to print out and refer to later when the memory begins to fade due to age or to many more battles being fought and won.

Heads up!!! I will be sending a large goodie box next week (my son should get it a couple of weeks after that). I am sending it after the holidays to assist with the withdrawls I am sure you are all going to go through after all the sweets being sent and devoured. Now...your job is to figure out which 2/1 Fox Marine's mom makes Espresso Cookies and hit him up for a snack when his package arrives.

Thank you again from all of us back at home.

Much love to you all. - One of the few, the proud, the MARINE MOMS!!!

Beth* A. said...

From 26 to 600 to 14,000 Hit voters; now that's enormous progress in one year! Thanks to our Marines.

Bob said...

Bread cast upon the water. Bravo Zulu, Marine!