Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Here's Where All of the Magic Happens

I thought I'd give you a peek into my inner sanctum.

I'll be leaving shortly for another trip to the field. The next voting event here in Iraq is happening on December 15th, and I want to be out covering operations in support of this historic general election. Thanks again to all you wonderful folks who've visited my site and left comments of support, encouragement, and have left an occasional morsel of ego sustaining praise. Even us tough old crusty Warrant Officers have sensitive delicate souls. But for now....time to put my war face back on.


Beth* A. said...

'Cubicle sweet cubicle'. I seem to recall a slightly better paint job (i.e., we actually HAD paint ;-)) but the electronics reminds me of my dorm room, back in the day. Wires out everywhere!
Your pix does answer the question of how you draw (at least this time) - memory vs. from photos.
Strong prayers going out to you ALL during this upcoming election.
It's been said ,btw, that 'delicate souls' thrive best in a layer of kevlar (and those plate things). BE WELL, M D Fay.

Agnieszka O. said...

Charming :-)

Anonymous said...

"Gunny" was so easy - what's the affectionate shortcut for Warrant Officer? (Or do tough old crusty ones not get those nicknames?) Adios on this journey. Go with God.
Bring back more "windows" for those of us staying by the stuff, back home.
Prayers with you and our troops.

-[Medic]- said...

Pretty nifty lookin, looks cosy in a way.

Capt B said...

Great Blog. I had a reader email me and refer me to your site. Perhaps you and I will meet here in this glorious land of Iraq. Regardless I hope the best for your art and you. Stay safe Marine and if you need anything, let me know. Capt B

Donna in Texas said...

....and of course you're doing a book of your sketches when you return home....right passionate Marine?