Sunday, June 18, 2006

Eidolons Out, Guidons Forward

I've set up another blog. It's called Eidolons! Since returning from Iraq postings here at Fire and Ice have been increasingly political and confrontational in nature. Someone recently emailed me with a good-natured play on my last name-they addressed me as Warrant Officer F(r)ay. I don't imagine, in light of the current political situation and approaching mid-term elections, that I will avoid passionate comments confronting what, in my humble opinion, are fifth columnists amongst us here at home. I do not suffer fools gladly, so expect further fire for effects and rounds continuing to go down range.

The rhetoric of the Left, and in large part of the narcissistic and directionless Democratic Party, is designed with only one goal in mind, a return to power piggybacked on a defeat in Iraq. I am not fooled by newly spun phrases like "change of direction", which are being touted at pathetic news conferences the last couple days by Dems in the wake of stunning defeats on both floors of the Congress. This is nothing more than "cut and run" decked out in a new party dress. They want us to believe they're staunch thoughtful advocates for the troops and fighting terrorism. Do not be fooled that the emotion in their voices is anything other than panic, desperation and devotion to their own political agenda, and not for any imagined plight of GIs in Iraq.

Their predictable knee-jerk portrayal of the situation in Iraq as one rapidly de-evolving into chaos, rather than one of slow steady forward progress is obscene and insulting. They seem to be counting more on and heavily invested in American impatience, than on encouraging resolve and perseverance. In Iraq elections have been held, a legitimate democratic government established, a civil war averted, key terrorists eliminated or on the run, an improving civil, military and judicial infra-structure is being built, and there is an army of soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines in the field dedicated and invested in the mission.

Only the Left is in need of a "change of direction", only the Dems seem mired in chaos. But, again they'd have to have a direction in the first place wouldn't they? I was once a registered Dem....they will never get my vote again. When folks calling themselves Democrats aren't devoted to spreading democracy they might be well advised to choose a new moniker, or resurrect one from the past....Copperheads.

I took a quick little on-line test called the World's Smallest Political Quiz. Here's the result; turns out I'm a centerist. Go figure.

Oh yes, Eidolons! politics, just right-brain stuff. Hey, I tested out as a cultural creative at Quiz Farm as well.


Beth* A. said...

Happy Father's Day, Mike Fay!

MissBirdlegs in AL said...

I took that small political quiz a couple of months ago & was shocked at my score/designation. I'm a staunch conservative, but I came out just a little right of Centrist & in the Libertarian square.

Laurie said...

Egads, I got Centrist as well, bordering on Libertarian. I would describe myself as very conservative. Cultural Creative on the other one.

the artist's wife said...

We must be very similar as I, too, came out as a "Cultural Creative." Again, more confirmation that you and my husband (Kris) will work well together!

countrygirl said...

Oh my goodness, I'm a Cultural Creative! I figured that meant you were creative as in "artistic," so I expected to be something else entirely. Then I went to the definition you linked to (thanks for those links - they're all fascinating insights into your thinking)and got educated. Have to see what to do about this! :)
I just read all your posts since Zarqawi was killed, at once, this morning. And the comments. What a fortnight! I wanted to tell you- your perspective really resonates with me. I read and give thought to the dissenters, but something just doesn't ring true there. I loved your analogy of feeling the hand on your belt, and I ask with you - will there come a tug or a push?
Does anybody over the age of twenty really still believe there is ever any solution that has no flaws, no imperfections, no downside? This war is no more perfect than the one we fought called WWII, but it is no less noble either. I appreciate that you don't seem the least bit deterred in your resolve to spread the truth because of the postings of your dissenters. You inspire me, both through your wonderful art and your American spirit. Thank you from the depths of my heart. Semper Fi!
P.S. Sam and Kris and those of you who "get it" - your comments and rebuttals are also very encouraging. Your knowledge and wisdom restores my faith in my fellow voters. :)